How to Choose a Great Recruiter

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Finding Excellence in Your Financial Services Recruiting Partner

The Best Recruiter is a Great Listener

In business and life, you appreciate those who listen. A great recruiter will take note of everything you say about the open role, your company’s mission, and especially your culture. They will ask pointed questions about your expectations, goals, and challenges, then tailor the candidate search around your company’s unique specifications.

Top Recruiters Cast a Wide Net

The A-players in recruiting have one goal: getting you the most qualified candidate for the position, even if that means looking far and wide for them. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should choose a big-name executive search firm; oftentimes, a smaller, boutique recruiter can offer a painstakingly built, high-quality, geographically diverse talent pool and a much more personalized approach.

Great Recruiters Are Sleuths

In any given market, top candidates may be hard to find online as they are anywhere but on LinkedIn and job boards. Why? They are successful, perhaps relatively happy where they are – but may still like to know about a new opportunity and explore whether it’s right for them. Great recruiters know to look beyond the standard places, find the best candidates, and initiate mutually beneficial conversations.

Sidestepping Surprises

After investing time screening and vetting a candidate, the last thing you want is your offer being rejected or your new hire not showing up on their first day. Top recruiters do everything in their power to prevent these scenarios. They’ve fine-tuned their screening process, combining professional know-how, great communication, and a touch of psychology.

Asking Crucial Questions

A top recruiter is highly detail-oriented, asking each potential candidate specific questions. Great recruiters go beyond the professional history to understand a candidate’s true aspirations, lifestyle expectations, and other often-overlooked factors that can be crucially important.

Technology vs. People Skills

From the C-Suite on down, human beings create and manage businesses. Even though some search firms are touting “tech-centric screening,” matching candidates and positions is ultimately about understanding people.

Building Long-Term Business Partnerships

Working with a top-notch recruiter increases your chances of building a fruitful business relationship that stands the test of time. The result? Top-quality candidates, lower turnover, and a competitive outlook for years.

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