Appealing to Top Talent Takes More Than Compensation

Appealing to Top Talent Takes More Than Compensation


Money still talks when attracting top talent to your organization, but it’s definitely not the only voice in the room anymore. The business environment is complex and dynamic, bringing with it a continually evolving set of expectations from a company’s greatest assets — its people. Therefore, while compensation will always be a critical component to creating an appealing company that talent gravitates towards, make sure to place sufficient emphasis on other, often subtle points to help stand out from the competition.




Too many of today’s headlines scream about toxic cultures that plague organizations of all shapes and sizes. As companies across the entire spectrum of modern industry become more people-centric, a healthy, productive, and satisfying culture is crucial to build lasting success. Create a culture that celebrates diversity and pride in accomplishments, all while placing an importance on a work-life balance. Flaunt your healthy culture to anyone and everyone that will listen, applicants in particular, to continuously display an authentic sense of empathy and care for your workforce that talent can’t help but be attracted to.


Well-Defined Goals


Whether interviewing to fill an executive position or back office staff, a clear set of goals and expectations for both the applicant and their place within the bigger picture goes a long way in helping talent picture themselves with the company. All levels of talent thrive with transparency and a clearly defined sense of direction and purpose. Be realistic but hopeful, optimistic but grounded when discussing an open position with an applicant, accurately describing the job, how the individual can improve the overall enterprise, and what the company expects of them.


Training & Development


A commitment to a consistent training & development program is evidence of an organization’s promise to both personal and company-wide growth. It demonstrates that an enterprise has one eye permanently affixed on the future and wants to invest in its people. Even an experienced, well-seasoned executive that joins an organization stands to improve their skills and knowledge with a robust training & development.


For example, an organization that emphasizes a willingness to support leadership training, industry designations and continuing education will naturally appeal to top talent that wants to be a part of a team that embraces a growing environment. If you want to attract and retain sharp talent, this is a sure way to express your cultural expectations as well as your brand.




Workplace paradigms are rapidly changing with the times to match the speed and agility of a constantly shifting marketplace. The traditional notion of corner offices, rows of cubicles, rush hour traffic, and 9-to-5 workdays are stepping aside for telecommuting options and a more flexible approach to employment and productivity.

Of course, this patently modern approach isn’t feasible for all employees, organizations, or industries, but for those that it fits well, telecommuting and other, more non-traditional approaches to work are appealing for talent wanting options in how they produce. From a broader perspective, an enterprise that embraces such a forward-thinking attitude towards work and the workplace speaks to its ability to adapt to the environment which will always be a trait that talent appreciates and seeks out.


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