Aim High With Your New Year’s Goals

The New Year is an important time for hiring managers from all industries, but particularly in Financial Services. A satisfying client experience depends on a fully-functioning team that, when running at maximum efficiency and productivity, reduces communication gaps and errors that harm the client and organization alike.


As we all know, in an industry so reliant on superior client service, those with the happiest clients usually come out on top. That dynamic relies on top talent across your firm, from back-office operations and managers to trust officers and executives. To help you establish your own goals for the coming New Year, Financial Recruiters International has put together a few ideas on ways to make the most of your talent. In doing so, you’ll be improving performance throughout your firm and enhancing client service along the way.


Remember, as a hiring manager, you’re tasked with filling your firm with talent that can move the needle and excel in a very competitive industry. Take these ideas to heart as you develop goals that will help you better understand your current talent, how to improve it, and ultimately reach your organization’s vision.


Identify and Fill Talent Gaps


The most efficient and productive firms are those without any gaps in communication and information. Everyone and everything must work in harmony with one another or bottlenecks form, productivity slows, and all stakeholders involved are impacted.


Begin 2019 with a thorough examination of your workflows to identify any breaks in production or communication that are limiting success and impacting operations. Open positions are costing your firm money and your clients the high-level service they expect from a top-tier company.


Perfect Your Onboarding


Finding top talent to fill your firm isn’t the finish line of the race but only the beginning. Every firm has a unique culture, environment, policies, and procedures that play a pivotal role in its success. A thorough and personalized onboarding strategy helps ramp-up new talent, immerse them in your culture, and develop the ever-important buy-in that turns potential into tangible results, whether a new hire straight out of college or a seasoned specialist with years of experience.


Develop a Recruiting Brand


Chances are your firm has taken an extremely deliberate, organized approach in developing a brand and marketing strategy that will stand out from the crowd in the competitive Wealth Management industry. With a tight labor market that doesn’t appear to be loosening anytime soon, take full advantage of an experienced recruiter that can identify talent while also fostering a recruitment brand that will attract candidates for every level of your organization. Use digital content, social media, and other types of campaigns to maximize your reach and put the traits that make your firm special on constant display.


Streamline Your Recruiting Process


As the old saying goes, time is money. A hiring process that stretches out past the farthest horizon means your firm isn’t efficiently using its resources, and candidates are given ample opportunities to catch the eye of competing firms. Streamline your recruiting and hiring procedures to draw the most insights from as few interviews as possible. Of course, don’t sacrifice effectiveness by making the process too short, but find a compromise that doesn’t dilute your efforts or inconvenience top talent.


While every firm is different and has a unique set of issues to address, we’ve found that these points are especially effective in developing an attainable and impactful set of goals to bring in the New Year. Financial Recruiters International wishes you and your firm the very best for 2019 and looks forward to a mutually beneficial, highly productive relationship that stands the test of time.

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