Times of Change – And Choice

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Where were you when the brick came through the window? In March 2020, things changed abruptly for many people around the world, and the year that had started like many others suddenly became the Year of The Pandemic. For many of us, the widespread health emergency and its accompanying anxiety were something we never experienced before. The things we took for granted in February – a get-together with friends, hugging our parents – suddenly became activities to avoid, and we put walls between us to stay safe.

Professionals are People First

For professionals, this has been a treacherous time as well. Among the chaos of panic buying, empty grocery stores, mask mandates, and inconsistent isolation rules, the new wave of destabilizing uncertainty created new problems within geographical locations, individual communities, and even the same family. This is the climate that many of us are still trying to navigate, while also hanging on to a job, care for our elderly, and be our children’s tutors.

Careers Shifted Gears

The most unsettling scenario for anyone, of course, is a layoff or sudden and unexpected job loss. But even those that are still employed are dealing with drastically different work routines. Despite the recognized benefits of telecommuting, the shift from in-person to remote collaboration has unique challenges, and it goes beyond the hassle of communicating over confusing, clunky systems.

Reactions to The New Normal Are Still Playing Out

No matter your situation, this year is bringing many people to a crossroads, leading them to question the ways their priorities and career choices.  If this happens to you, what do you do when the ground shifts beneath your feet? Do you fight, flight, or freeze? Let’s have a look at these three options when it comes to career choices, from least preferred to best.


The riskiest option – freezing – is denial, not wanting to look at the problem as it really is, burying your head in the sand, or playing dead. You could refuse to accept that your employer really isn’t well equipped to do well this year, and just hang on for dear life ignoring signs of trouble. If you’ve lost your job, despair might take over, not letting you see the opportunities around you.


When you choose flight, you are removing yourself from a potentially problematic situation without necessarily knowing if that noise in the bushes is a saber-toothed tiger or just your overactive imagination. Perhaps you could figure a way to solve your current career troubles without uprooting the life you love, but you just pack up and run for the hills hoping for the best.


To fight starts with challenging what you think you know. Yes, there is a crisis, but what does this mean for me? What’s not working right now and how could I fix it? Considering the latest trends, what is my realistic short-term outlook and what could my life look like in a few years? Are there other cities and locations I would rather live in now that going to the office is mostly optional? Fighting for your career, not fleeing or freezing, is typically how you get the best results.

Trying to Decide? Call Us.

Whether you are stuck in freeze or flight mode or are ready to fight for yourself, Financial Recruiters International can help. We are happy to spend time understanding your situation, discuss your future outlook, and help re-think the possibilities.

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