Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Our Evolving Workplace

Last week, I reached out to a hiring manager. He said to me, “Don’t call me again, I don’t want or need your services.” He went on to say, “I am bombarded by recruiters every week. I truly can’t wait until all recruiters are replaced by tech.”


Unbothered by this comment, I calmly brushed it off and finished our brief conversation.


From my perspective, to be a financial recruiter is so much more than software. It’s real relationships. It’s building a rapport with a candidate who may be perfectly happy in their current position, in their current city.


You just can’t expect the perfect candidate to jump ship because your offer is $10,000 higher than what they’re currently making. You need to understand their situation.  You need to find out through genuine interaction if they’d even consider a career shift before one-off pitching them on a new role with a new company that may not align with their long-term goals.


Why does this matter?


Because while artificial intelligence will undoubtedly play a massive role in the progression and connectivity of the recruitment industry, there is one reason recruiters will always have the upper hand over tech – trust!


The long-standing trust that a seasoned recruiter has built with their community of passive candidates year after year is exemplary and absolutely cannot be automated.


With unemployment at its lowest since 1969 (3.6%) , our job market has never been stronger and tighter since then. To accompany this candidate-driven market, technology is making strides in the realm of B2B. New web apps and mobile apps are drawn upon each day and with this, comes a great opportunity to source ideal candidates for your business.




For entry, and even mid-level candidates, deploying tools like candidate scoring and resume scanning is advantageous because automation targets the masses – a hiring manager looking for say, a secretary can punch in a few keywords required in the job description and arrive at five potential fills for the position in no time.


However, for those sensitive, niche-focused, or executive level additions to your team, the cost of a bad hire can really add up and trusting that job-seekers are the perfect fit for your team is like throwing a needle in a haystack.


Bottom Line?


Technology and recruiters can and should work together. However, the evolving landscape of the recruitment industry will wait for no one, especially not job-board hunters.


Build your community of highly skilled relationships so you don’t end up with subpar resumes and the possible cost of a mis-hire.


If you’re a financial industry executive and need help launching your passive talent pipeline – Click here to schedule a free consultation with us. At Financial Recruiters International, our mission is to provide our network with the utmost value, asking for nothing in return.

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